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Cool Horror Gear: Mondo and Tyler Stout's Alien poster

01.29.2015by: Kevin Woods

One film that has certainly stood the test of time is Ridley Scott's 1979 classic ALIEN, and today we've got some cool horror gear fans of the film will wanna get their hands on.

Last night at a special screening of ALIEN at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin Texas Mondo revealed a kickass poster designed by artist Tyler Stout. You can check out the regular and variant poster designs below. Both posters are 24 x 36. The red regular is an edition of 510 and costs $60, while the green variant is an edition of 235 and costs $110.

The posters go on sale this Friday at a random time. You'll need to follow @MondoNews on Twitter to know exactly when, and you'd better act quick because it's a sure bet that these posters are gonna sell out fast.

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Extra Tidbit: Wanna get your hands on one of these badboys?
Source: Mondo



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