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Cool Horror Gear: Mondo's Phantasm Sentinel sphere ornament

12.06.2016by: Brennan Klein
Phantasm Mondo

We're now in the dead center of the holiday season, a weird place to be if you're a horror fan. You can always combat the Christmas cheer with another screening of SILENT, NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT or BLACK CHRISTMAS, but Mondo has your darker needs covered this year with their newest product: A tree ornament shaped like the Sentinel sphere from PHANTASM!

The Sentinel Sphere Replica Ornament is a collaboration between Mondo, Don Coscarelli, and Middle of Beyond in celebration of the release of PHANTASM: REMASTERED and PHANTASM: RAVAGER on Blu-Ray, available today. Check out a first-look at the ornament and its packaging below!

You can pre-order your ornament right here! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they'll be shipped until January so you won't be able to adorn your tree this year, but that's nothing compared to the decades of use you'll get out of the bloody thing.

Extra Tidbit: Do you own any other horror-themed ornaments?



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