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Cool Horror Gear: Monkey brain bowl from Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom

05.28.2014by: Eric Walkuski

One of the more memorably gruesome moments in Steven Spielberg's rather gruesome INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM (seriously, give it a re-watch and tell me there isn't some gnarly shit in that flick) is the dinner table scene, where Indy and friends are witness to the gag-worthy eating habits of their hosts. Snakes, beetles and eyeballs are consumed with vigor, but the capper is dessert: Chilled monkey brains, served right out of the monkey skulls. Yum!

As a kid it might have made you grimace, but today that sequence is money - and if you've always wanted to replicate it, now you can! Firebox.com is now selling monkey brains bowls at almost $60 a pop. Yes it's expensive, but if you've enslaved enough children to work in your hellish underground temple, you can probably afford it with no problem.

Brains not included.

Source: Firebox.com



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