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Cool Horror Gear: NECA's Mego-style Jason Voohees

08.15.2014by: Kevin Woods

You may wanna get out to your local Toys R Us soon as this morning NECA took to Twitter to share that a new Mego-style Jason Voorhees figure has hit the shelves, and this is one collectable you'll wanna get your hands on!

While this figure seems similar to the awesome Comic-Con collectable inspired by the 1989 classic 8-bit FRIDAY THE 13TH video game that NECA brought to San Diego last year (peep that one HERE), NECA shared that this is a completely different design.

Check out some pics submitted by NECA's Twitter fans of this Mego-style Jason below and get your ass to Toys R Us before these are gone!

Extra Tidbit: Will you be heading to Toys R Us to grab one of these?
Source: NECA Twitter



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