Cool Horror Gear: NES Predator figure from NECA

NECA’s line of 8-bit monsters turned action figures are pretty much the coolest thing ever, and now they’ve given the same treatment to the one and only PREDATOR! NECA's previous 8-bit tributes were for Robocop, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

Inspired by the Classic 1989 Video Game… The Predator is the fourth figure in our highly successful line of classic 8-Bit video game tributes. Released in the spring of 1989 for the super popular 8-bit home console, this video game Predator is an ’80s classic. NECA’s Jungle Hunter Predator (1989 Video Game Appearance) is a fully articulated 8-inch tall figure with extendable wrist blades, removable backpack, and over 20 points of articulation. The Predator is painted in shades of blue with black and a hint of cel shading.

This figure comes in special window box packaging with opening flap to re-create the look and feel of the classic 1989 video game packaging. Head over to NECA's site for more info!

Extra Tidbit: Who would you like to see NECA do next in this style?
Source: NECA



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