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Cool Horror Gear: Re-Animator figures coming from Amok Time!

10.11.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Hot off the pressed from New York Comic-Con comes this news: Amok Time, the acclaimed toy developer, will be releasing a batch of RE-ANIMATOR toys next year! Amok Time will be producing three action figures of Herbert West, which are being sculpted by talented artist Jean St. Jean. These figures are scheduled for release Fall 2014.

Unfortunately we don't have any images to share yet, but this is obviously quite early. Here's an announcement from their company via their official Facebook page:

"Re-Animator is coming fall 2014. That's the latest addition to the "MONSTARZ" collection. The line will include action figures and some other re-animator goodies. We will post more updates on fb when they are available. We are really happy about this, hope you are too!"

I suspect the toy collectors out there will be very happy indeed!

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to owning your very own Herbert West?
Source: Amok Time



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