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Cool Horror Gear: Ridiculous Evil Dead bikini

08.12.2013by: Ryan Miller

This is just too good to pass up! Just when you think you've seen it all, someone goes and makes a bikini inspired by EVIL DEAD's Necronomicon. Words have pretty much escaped me so here's what the site had to say about this awesomely disturbing bathing suit: "This is a one of a kind Brazilian cut silicone bikini! It is a sculpted piece that is backed with power mesh and is hand stitched for extra durability. It has a very nice fit to the body and is super comfortable! It is lightning fast on water slides as well. Note: This can also be used for costuming and partying!"

You can actually buy this thing right HERE for $100 which I feel is a fair price... you know, if you're into this kind of freaky shit! Check it out!

Extra Tidbit: What are some other horror flicks that would make for a good bikini?
Source: Etsy



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