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Cool Horror Gear: Sideshow's masked Predator bust

06.05.2014by: Ryan Miller

I think Sideshow just one-upped NECA’s ridiculously cool NES figure that we saw last week with their new masked PREDATOR bust that stands at an insane 17 inches tall. Hot damn! The attention to detail on this bad boy is absolutely stunning as it comes with real fabric netting and an ornate ‘trophy’ necklace of threaded bones. Not only that, but disguised behind his formidable bio-mask, the vicious hunter is equipped with his impressive shoulder-mounted Plasma Caster, complete with light-up red tri-laser target designator. It has a laser, you guys, a f*cking laser! Want.

The regular and Exclusive versions of the Predator bust will be priced at $389.99, with optional payment plans available. Head over to their website for more info!

Preorders start today, Thursday, June 5th!

Extra Tidbit: Anyone going to pick this up?
Source: Sideshow



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