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Cool Horror Gear: Striking Ghostbusters poster by Vlad Rodriguez

07.17.2013by: Ryan Miller

Strange Kids Club just recently released their latest art print by Vlad Rodriguez that pays homage to the 1984 classic GHOSTBUSTERS and all of its amazing characters. It's an 18″x24″ digital print limited to only 50 copies and will cost you $35. If you hurry you can still get your hands on this bad boy but you'll wan't to act fast as this poster is surely going to sell out fast — head to their website for more info!

"Inspired by the great characters that have made GHOSTBUSTERS such an enduring classic, this print showcases them all in Rodriguez's signature 'modern meets classic' style of digital art." Check it out below, it's a beauty!

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Extra Tidbit: Tell us what you think of Vlad Rodriguez's poster for GHOSTBUSTERS!



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