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Cool Horror Gear: Walking Dead inspired beer contains real brains!

03.24.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Who says drinking beer doesn't make you brainier? Philadelphia-based Dock Street Brewing Co. is putting out a brew inspired by "The Walking Dead" which counts among its ingredients juicy brains!

Not human brains, don't freak out. The beer, called Dock Street Walker, contains smoked goat brains. An American Pale Stout, the drink also includes wheat, oats, flaked barley and cranberry. Not sure just how much "brain" you taste, but the brewer claims it provides subtle smoky notes. Yum.

If you're in Philly during the weekend of March 30th, you can make like a walker and eat/drink some brain when Dock Street debuts the brew. (Although it should be noted that the walkers in "Walking Dead" don't necessarily focus on brains.) Head over here for more details.

Extra Tidbit: Would you drink Dock Street Walker?



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