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Cool horror gear: Walking Dead Minimates Series 3

02.18.2013by: Ryan Miller

Yes! This right here is the kind of shit I would have begged for when I was just a little one. Instead of cool zombie Minimates, I got stuck with those flimsy dollar store G.I. Joe figures that I got more enjoyment out of watching them get run over by cars than actually playing with them. By the way, did anyone else do that with their toys? No… just me? Damn!

The latest Walking Dead Minimates are like Legos on crack. They really don't make very many zombie related toys these days and with THE WALKING DEAD being such a big success it's basically a no-brainer. In their latest series 3 line-up coming this Spring, you can look for the following figures to hit comic shops and specialty stores:

Rick in Riot Gear and Guard Zombie

Dexter and Dreadlock

Zombie Prison Hershel and Farmer Zombie (comic shop and specialty store exclusive)

Prison Tyreese (Battle Damaged) and Farmer Zombie (comic shop and specialty store exclusive variant set)

Not only that, but at the same time, Toys "R" Us will have their very own exclusive assortment of:

Rick in Riot Gear and Guard Zombie

Dexter and Dreadlock Zombie

Bald Glenn with Vest Zombie (Toys “R” Us exclusive)

Carol with Pole Zombie (Toys “R” Us exclusive)

You can pre-order these cool little guys with your local comic shop or online.

Extra Tidbit: Pretty cool right?
Source: Art Asylum



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