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Cool Horror Videos: A look at the creature from Knights of Badassdom

03.14.2013by: Ryan Miller

Although we just recently got some disappointing news out of KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM due to a version of the film getting shopped around that is not the original vision from director Joe Lynch we've at least got a couple of cool videos that show a behind-the-scenes look at the creature used in the flick that might ease the pain. For now.

These clips are from the documentary MEN IN SUITS that show off the extremely talented team over at Spectral Motion and the practical effects behind their creature. I love the use of practical effects, it just has an old-school realness to them that you don't get any other way in a film. These clips are great because not only does it give you a bare-bones look at the beast but they actually show actor Douglas Tait suiting up and testing it out. Very cool.

Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer practical effects?



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