Cool Horror Videos: A LuchaGore Christmas

As you can tell from the name they chose for their company, LuchaGore Productions founders Gigi Saul Guerrero, Luke Bramley, and Raynor Shima joined forces with the specific intention of making movies in the horror genre. They have done some interesting short film work over the last couple years and are doing a great job of making a name for themselves as they build toward entering the feature world.

LuchaGore's latest short, directed by Guerrero, is a Christmas-themed thank you to their supporters. Titled A LUCHAGORE CHRISTMAS and running less than 2 minutes, it plays like a teaser trailer for a non-existent feature that I would love to see.

"Most know Saint Nick as a jolly old man, 
But we tell a tale of his sadistic master plan."

The holiday season isn't complete unless you watch something involving some sort of evil Santa Claus, so make your season brighter by checking out the short below.

Extra Tidbit: What show or movie had your favorite killer Santa?
Source: LuchaGore



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