Cool Horror Videos: Andrea Ricca's Smartphone Demon

Last month, it was announced that writer/director Erdal Ceylan's 2 minute short SELFIE FROM HELL, about a girl who sees something supernatural lurking behind her in her selfies, was being expanded into a feature film. Ceylan hit the jackpot with his take on the concept, but today we have a short from another filmmaker who has also dealt with the idea of an evil figure appearing in selfies.

The latest short from Andrea Ricca, a filmmaker with seventeen years of short films to his name, is SMARTPHONE DEMON, a film that runs just a minute and a half and tells the story of 

a man who takes a photo of himself and the smartphone reveals something evil.

If you've watched SELFIE FROM HELL, check out SMARTPHONE DEMON and see which one you find to be the most enjoyable. If you haven't watched SELFIE, give SMARTPHONE a look anyway - it's a fine way to spend 90 seconds.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of SMARTPHONE DEMON?
Source: Andrea Ricca



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