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Cool Horror Videos: Animated short Mad Max: Tales of the Road Warrior

02.26.2015by: Kevin Woods

I know many of you are stoked about MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and I feel you! It's easily my most anticipated film of the year and I'm slowly counting down the days until its May 15 theatrical release. I dig all things MAD MAX and that's why I have to share this crazy cool animated short with you titled "Mad Max: Tales of The Road Warrior".

YouTuber Daz Tibbles put together this badass animated short. And short it truly is, running only 41 seconds, but it's so worth checking out. I'd watch the shit out of a "Mad Max: Tales of The Road Warrior" series! But enough of my rambling...check this badboy out below!

Extra Tidbit: Would you watch a MAD MAX animated series?
Source: Daz Tibbles



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