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Cool Horror Videos: Audience reacts to The Exorcist in 1973

10.24.2013by: Ryan Miller

On December 26, 1973, William Friedkin's head-spinning horror classic THE EXORCIST hit theaters, and it was like nothing anyone had ever seen before. Today we've got a video that gives us a glimpse at the mass hysteria that the film caused during its original theatrical premiere—it's essentially 3 minutes of people losing their shit! It's great to see people so utterly beside themselves over a horror film, and it really gives you an idea of just how sensitive movie-goers were during that time. We have no doubt been treated to some fantastically f*cked up flicks over the years, but nothing has garnered the kind of reaction that THE EXORCIST got back in 1973. Have a look!

Extra Tidbit: Do you think we'll ever see another mainstream horror film get that kind of reaction again?
Source: Badass Digest



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