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Cool Horror Videos: David Cronenberg's disturbing new short The Nest

06.30.2014by: Kevin Woods

Here's a nasty little treat for ya!

How would you like nine minutes of Cronenberg to help you make it to the end of Monday? That's right, I'm talking David Cronenberg, the body-horror master, who has unveiled his latest short film THE NEST for us all to take in. Commissioned by EYE Film Institute, THE NEST stars Evelyne Brochu ("Orphan Black") as a woman meeting with an unconventional surgeon in what looks like Frankenstein's low budget laboratory. We soon learn that she wants her left breast removed, but not for the reasons you might think.

She believes she has insects inside of it.

You read that right...insects in the boob. Intrigued, aren't ya? You should be. I mean, c''s CRONENBERG!

Oh, and this short is NSFW, so you've been warned.



Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite David Cronenberg film?



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