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Cool Horror Videos: Dead Rising 3 launch trailer

11.19.2013by: Eric Walkuski

It's raining zombies at the beginning of the launch trailer for "Dead Rising 3", which is coming to Xbox One on November 22nd. The console has just released the badass promo for the game, and you can watch it below.

Available exclusively for Xbox One, Dead Rising 3 marks the return of one of the most popular zombie video game franchises. Set 10 years after the events of Fortune City in Dead Rising 2, players are introduced to Nick Ramos, a young mechanic with a strange tattoo and a mysterious past, who must find a way to escape a city full of zombies before an impending military strike wipes the city of Los Perdidos, California, and everyone in it, off the map. Nick canít do it alone Ė he must join up with other survivors to stay alive. They must fight their way out before itís too late.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of the "Dead Rising" series?
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