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Cool Horror Videos: Drag Me to Hell and its nods to Evil Dead

03.20.2015by: Ryan Miller

When Sam Raimi finally returned to the very genre that got him started, he delivered the wonderfully twisted DRAG ME TO HELL, a film that feels like a distant cousin to the EVIL DEAD franchise. I f*cking love this movie and it’s easily my favorite film of Raimi’s outside of the EVIL DEAD series. There aren’t many directors better at blending humor with over-the-top horror like Raimi, so to see him doing what he does best in DRAG ME TO HELL was a real treat, especially to horror fans because there are plenty of nods to the EVIL DEAD franchise.

The horror-loving folks over at House by the Video Store dedicated an entire video to the EVIL DEAD callbacks found in DRAG ME TO HELL, resulting in 4 minutes of awesome little Easter eggs that some of you guys might have missed. Check it out!

Extra Tidbit: Were you a fan of DRAG ME TO HELL?
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