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Cool Horror Videos: Every Death Scene from My Bloody Valentine (1981)

02.14.2014by: Jake Dee

Happy Valentine's Day motherf*ckers!

For those looking for counterprogramming to all the schmaltz and saccharine sappiness of a day like today, well then, we have the perfect gift for you. Below you'll find a cool horror video showing all the original death scenes in the classic 1981 slasher joint MY BLOODY VALENTINE. No bullshit. Every kill!

Of course, if you've not seen the film (shame on you), you may want to skip it for spoiler reasons. But for those who hold the flick as dear to their heart as we do (this is seriously one of the best 80s horror flicks, slasher or no), then don't wait another tick. Sit back, crack a brew, and watch my man serve gory recompense to everyone he deems has done him dirty. 'Tis lovely!



Extra Tidbit: Do you like the original or remake of MY BLOODY VALENTINE better?
Source: AITH



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