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Cool Horror Videos: Freddy Vs. Jason: The Las Vegas Weigh In!

10.29.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Back in 2003, when FREDDY VS. JASON was on the verge of being released, New Line Cinema came up with a clever promotional gimmick to increase awareness of the historic bout: A Las Vegas Weigh In! Yes, the two horror icons came together in sin city to stare each other down before squaring off in the Ronny Yu-directed picture.

I'm sure no fans of the franchises back in the mid-80s never could have imagined such a sight...

Freddy naturally goes for the trash-talking right off the bat, while Jason plays the strong, silent game. (As per usual.) It's worth noting that Freddy has Yu in his corner, while Sean Cunningham has got Jason's back.

What do you think: Was this a clever marketing tactic, or just too cheesy to get behind?

Extra Tidbit: Hard to believe this flick came out almost TEN years ago!



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