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Cool Horror Videos: Horrifying animatronic baby from Twilight Breaking Dawn

11.05.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Usually we don't talk about TWILIGHT around these parts, but this is worth a look: An animatronic baby dubbed "Chuckesme" by the cast and crew of TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN because it is such a nightmarish creation. In actuality, this thing was supposed to be "Renesme," the unholy spawn of Bella and Edward; because the baby is a supernatural freak of some kind (the story details are unclear to me and I'd like to keep it that way forever), it doesn't resemble a real baby. But this is going way too far in the other direction, clearly.

"Chuckesme" is not present in the final product; the producers saw right away that it wasn't working, and evidently some CG was used to make it a little less dreadful. Still, once you see her, you can't unsee her.



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