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Cool Horror Videos: Icons collide at Leatherface's Pool Party

01.30.2017by: Cody Hamman

Want to spend a really fun 4 minutes watching a ton of horror icons (in action figure form) hanging out and partying together? That's exactly what the music video "Leatherface's Pool Party" is here to deliver for you.

Leatherface is hosting a pool party at his Travis County home.He has invited some of the greatest horror icons of our time to join him for a night of drinking, swimming, bar-b-q, live music and mayhem.


"Leatherface's Pool Party" was crafted by Carson and Teri Griffin, owners of the company Sea Griffin Creations & Productions, who gathered together their impressive collection of horror figures to make the monsters, heroes, and madmen the stars of a stop-motion video for their instrumental rock song.

Pizza-eating, puking, pole dancing, bong hits, keg stands - this party has it all, as the icons get up to all sorts of stop-motion shenanigans. They may only be toys, but they're having a hell of a time.

Accept the invitation; click play on the video below and join the party!

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