Cool Horror Videos: Jaws re-scored in the style of Hans Zimmer

In this writer's opinion, Steven Spielberg's JAWS is hands-down the greatest film ever made. To me, everything about the film is pure perfection, from the stellar performances from the leads, to the brilliant directing from a young Spielberg, to the sheer terror it evokes (go ahead...try to take a dip in the ocean after viewing this and not fear being ripped apart by a Great White). One of the most memorable things about the film is the iconic score by the legendary John Williams. The incredible score is one of the main reasons the film works so well, but today we have a Cool Horror Video that asks what the film would be like if Hans Zimmer, composer of some of Hollywood's biggest films of the past two decades (including THE DARK KNIGHT, GLADIATOR, and PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN), had handled the music for this classic flick. The results are...well, listen and see for yourself.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite film score?



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