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Cool Horror Videos: Joel Caetano's Encosto

11.18.2015by: Cody Hamman

As I've mentioned before, I'm very interested in the culture and cinema of Brazil, so when Brazilian filmmaker Joel Caetano's short film ENCOSTO was brought to our attention, there was no question that I would be viewing it.

Running just 7 minutes, the film lives up to the "short" description while telling the following story: 

After performing a ritual Macumba, a man discovers that the price of your wishes may be too high!

It's simple and quick, with some nice, horrific imagery, and it's a fine way to spend a few minutes.

The special effects were provided by one of my favorite Brazilian genre filmmakers, Rodrigo Aragão. Caetano and Aragão work together frequently and recently collaborated on the upcoming anthology film THE BLACK FABLES, along with fellow directors Petter Baiestorf, Marcelo Castanheira, and Coffin Joe himself José Mojica Marins.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen any Brazilian horror movies?
Source: RZP Filmes



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