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Cool Horror Videos: John Carpenter's The Thing rare teaser, alternate ending

02.05.2015by: Kevin Woods

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In my humble opinion, John Carpenter's THE THING is the perfect example of the term "horror classic". It's cinematic perfection! I love every little thing about this film and I'm always excited to see, hear, and learn new things regarding this classic. Today we've got a very cool and rare teaser for THE THING, which is said to be currently only available as a hidden feature on the 2008 French DVD, as well as some cool deleted and alternate scenes and a vignette. Some of these you may have seen before, but they're always worth revisiting. Just watching these makes me wanna pop in my copy of THE THING again and bask in its greatness once more. Check 'em out.

Extra Tidbit: Where does THE THING rank on your list of all-time favorite John Carpenter films?



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