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Cool Horror Videos: Karl Hirsch's short film Clown

11.06.2015by: Cody Hamman

To help make the transition into the weekend, here's a treat for those of you out there who suffer from coulrophia; a short film all about a man who finds himself being terrorized by a creepy, maniacal CLOWN.

Directed by Karl Hirsch, who made a fun stoner comedy called KILLER BUD (co-starring Danielle Harris) back in the day, CLOWN has the following synopsis: 

Ken’s daily routine, which includes a few cocktails each night, has left him marginally bored and lifeless. One night, when his regular liquor store is closed, he visits Circus Liquor. That is when strange things begin to happen.

"Strange" is definitely an accurate description for what goes on, and I found that all this strangeness and clown business made for an entertaining way to kill twenty minutes.

When you have a window of opportunity, give CLOWN a viewing and see what you think:

Extra Tidbit: Are you afraid of clowns?
Source: YouTube



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