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Cool Horror Videos: Malevolence short leaves blood on the wall

01.27.2014by: Ryan Miller

Aaron B. Koontz's short film MALEVOLENCE debuted at Housecore Horror Festival back in October and quickly became a festival hit during its run. After seeing all 12 minutes of its bloody glory, I can see why this one became such a hit. It's very well shot and gets straight to the point as it opens with a gruesome crime scene with blood splatters decorating the walls. Amidst all the carnage is one survivor, a little boy who may be the only answer as to what happened. If you like plenty of the red stuff and some gooey SFX then you're really going to get a kick out of this one. So if you've got 12 minutes to spare then MALEVOLENCE is the perfect place to spend it!

Directed and edited by Koontz, MALEVOLENCE was produced by Cameron Burns, Shane Domrongchai, Alex Euting, and Koontz.

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