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Cool Horror Videos: New gameplay trailer for Mad Max game

04.25.2014by: Eric Walkuski

It has been a long while since we last brought you a trailer for the forthcoming MAD MAX game from WB Games and Avalanche Studios - it was all the way back in June, actually. But thankfully we're receiving a refresher in the form of a new gameplay trailer, one that introduces Max's new ride, the "Magnum Opus.'

In the game, play as Mad Max, a lone warrior who must embark on a perilous journey after his Interceptor is stolen by a deadly gang of marauders. A reluctant hero with an instinct for survival, Max wants nothing more than to leave the madness behind and find solace in the storied "Plains of Silence".

We've still got some waiting to do before we can actually play the game - it doesn't come out until 2015, as does the new George Miller film.



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