Cool Horror Videos: Nicolas Winding Refn intros Texas Chainsaw Massacre

DRIVE and ONLY GOD FORGIVES director Nicolas Winding Refn makes no secret that he's a fan of the horror genre. In fact, he is working on bringing us a remake of MANIAC COP and is currently developing THE BRINGING, based on the incredibly freaky, real-life death of Elisa Lam. But who knew that Tobe Hooper's classic THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was Refn's inspiration to make films in the first place? So says the director in his long intro to the 4K restoration screening of that classic film which went down at Cannes this year as part of the the Directors’ Fortnight program.

Below you'll find video of Refn's introduction to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE screening, in which he states:

The curse of the film is that it’s a masterpiece… When you make a film that goes beyond filmmaking, it’s no longer just a movie… Seeing a movie that goes from being a movie to an art form, and we are in the mecca of art forms of cinema. I wanted to really give the Palme d’Or to Tobe Hooper, because he should’ve gotten it 40 years ago. I want him to know that he has made one of the greatest art achievements, not films, but art achievements in the modern century.

Well said, sir. Well said.

Extra Tidbit: Where do you rank THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in your list of greatest horror films?



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