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Cool Horror Videos: Poltergeist making-of featurette from 1982!

05.19.2015by: Eric Walkuski

There's no denying it now; the POLTERGEIST remake is just about upon us. The Sam Raimi-produced picture opens this Friday, and while some of the early word-of-mouth isn't terrible, it's still looking like the film faces an uphill battle with horror fans. Some fights are lost even before they're fought.

If you're feeling nostalgic, however, for the original film, we found a fun video that maybe you've never seen. It's a making-of featurette from 1982, displaying all sorts of nifty action on the set of the 80s classic. You'll really appreciate how complex some of this movie's set-pieces were.

Additionally, you'll notice writer-producer Steven Spielberg clearly running the show. It's well-known Hollywood lore that Spielberg practically directed the entirety of the film, and this featurette blatantly depicts that. (Credited director Tobe Hooper is a mere afterthought here.)

Be sure to check out the latest clip from the new POLTERGEIST right HERE.


Extra Tidbit: Have you revisited POLTERGEIST recently?



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