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Cool Horror Videos: Robert Englund's Home for Psychos PSA

06.12.2014by: Kevin Woods

Here's an amusing little PSA that aims to bring to light an epidemic taking place right now and help 'deranged psychopathic killers' find a home, and they've got quite the spokesman in Robert Englund, who we all know and love as Freddy Krueger.

The horror channel Chiller is behind this hilarious PSA, which features Englund pleading with you to help fight this epidemic while introducing you to Gregory, a behemoth with dreams of slashing unsuspecting teenagers and making clothing out of human skin. His is a classic case of a psycho being forced to blend into the everyday world because he doesn't have a home. It's quite moving, actually.

We can help! Watch this PSA to find out how.

Open your they can open an artery!

Extra Tidbit: Did this 'PSA' get a chuckle out of ya?



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