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Cool Horror Videos: Robots react to the Morgan trailer

08.25.2016by: Cody Hamman

This is too bizarre not to share. For some reason, the marketing department behind Luke Scott's upcoming sci-fi horror movie MORGAN have decided to show the teaser trailer for the film to two of the most advanced robots on the planet, magicLab's EDI (Electronic Deceptive Intelligence) and the University of Pisa's FACE (Facial Automation for Conveying Emotions), and shoot a video of the robots reacting to the creepy sights and sounds.

I have to assume that they have put the fate of the human race in jeopardy by giving robots a look at something like that teaser. This is how you get a Skynet type of apocalypse.

Regardless of the dangers, this experiment has resulted in an interesting video, and EDI seems like he'd be a fun guy to hang out with.

MORGAN will be playing in theatres as of September 2nd, if the machines haven't revolted against us by then.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of the video?



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