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Cool Horror Videos: Rodney Ascher's The S From Hell

03.21.2013by: Kevin Woods

IFC Films is gearing up to open the doors to Rodney Ascher's ROOM 237 for the masses on March 29. While you count down the days to that films theatrical opening/VOD release, you can kill a little time checking out Ascher's short film THE S FROM HELL, which explores the disturbing saga of the scariest corporate symbol in history: the 1964 Screen Gems logo, aka the ‘S from Hell.’

This documentary-cum-horror film features interviews with survivors still affected by viewing the logo after shows like "Bewitched" or "The Monkees", found footage, and reenactments to bring their harrowing stories to life.

Just keep telling yourself, ‘It’s only a logo!’ and watch the full short below.

The only thing I find disturbing about the logo above is that weird plaid pattern.

Extra Tidbit: What other corporate logos send shivers down your spine?



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