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Cool Horror Videos: Soderbergh intercuts original Psycho with the remake

02.26.2014by: Ryan Miller

Well, here's something you never knew that you wanted to see! Director Steven Soderbergh apparently has a lot of time on his hands (somehow) and decided to create a feature-length supercut that mashes up Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO with Gus Van Sant's 1998 remake. The result? Surprisingly, it's kind of awesome!

I did the most logical thing and skipped straight ahead to the shower scene because I was curious to see how he cut the two together with there being so many damn shots. Instead of cutting back and forth between Anne Heche and Janet Leigh, Soderbergh instead overlaps the footage so you can see them at the same time. The effect is actually quite cool, and it's especially interesting to see how similarly framed the scene is. You can watch the entire thing by clicking the picture below! Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: What other horror films would you like see get this treatment?
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