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Cool Horror Videos: Telekinetic Priest Attack Scare Prank

07.11.2014by: Kevin Woods

We love a good scare prank around here, and no one does it better than DM Pranks, the twisted sickos behind the Evil Killer Clown pranks we brought you last month. Now the merry pranksters are back with a creepy new gag, this one involving a telekinetic priest. Watch as unsuspecting marks are scared out of their wits by this creepy priest who can levitate people and cause objects to move. I get a kick out of the reactions of the terrified victims of this mean-ass prank, filled with some pretty cool special effects and exploding heads. It's still a wonder to me that these pranksters haven't gotten their asses kicked by some of their victims, but I guess the people are too busy running away in fright to bother fighting back.

Extra Tidbit: What would your reaction have been if you encountered this telekinetic priest?



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