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Cool Horror Videos: Terrifying Owlman stalks visitors to abandoned hospital

05.30.2014by: Eric Walkuski

I can watch pranks like this all day. A few weeks ago we had a good giggle at the expense of the unfortunate folks who were scared silly by a killer clown, and today we'll point and laugh at the poor souls who encounter the Owlman!

The below video, apparently part of a marketing pitch for a film called LORD OF TEARS, takes place at an abandoned children's hospital. The creators of the video wrote this message:

Every day visitors arrive, from urban explorers to photographers, at the abandoned St. Mary's Children Hospital. And we waited for them... with the Owlman.

As you can imagine, those urban explorers are not super stoked to meet the Owlman. (Especially love the guy who basically gives up and cries right off the bat.)

Check out the LORD OF TEARS official Facebook page HERE.

Source: Lord of Tears



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