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Cool Horror Videos: The Real Housewives of Horror

11.01.2013by: Kevin Woods

Halloween is over, but the horror never stops around here at AITH.

Today we have a Cool Horror Video featuring the first episode of the new webseries REAL HOUSEWIVES OF HORROR, from Kevin Pereira’s Super Creative and Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Channel.

The first episode of the all-new series was written by actress Brea Grant (“Heroes,” “Dexter”), who also stars in the show as Heather Bradford, a wanna-be socialite who is married to Deathwish (Harvey Morenstein of “Epic Meal Time”), one of the greatest slashers of all time.  The series co-stars Briana Lane (“The New Normal”), Jessika Van (“Awkward”), Brooke Seguin (“30 Minute Musicals”), Zack Pearlman (“The Inbetweeners”) and Laura Ortiz (THE HILLS HAVE EYES).  

In this first episode, Heather Bradford throws a glamorous party to launch her new book, and all the housewives show up with varying agendas.  Murder and mayhem ensue.  Viewing is free. (Possibly NSFW!)

Extra Tidbit: Give us your thoughts on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF HORROR below!



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