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Cool Horror Videos: The Thing rescored with John Carpenter's Lost Themes

03.15.2016by: Brennan Klein

We've seen several entries from House by the Video Store before on Cool Horror Videos. The soundtrack-swapping extraordinaire has already mashed up the scores of PSYCHO and IT FOLLOWS, HALLOWEEN and THE GUEST, and HALLOWEEN III and TRICK 'R TREAT. However, this newest video might be their best one yet.

This time, the soundtracks being swapped aren't those of two movies. Instead, John Carpenter's THE THING is being scored by... himself. Taking tracks from his Lost Themes album and dubbing them over Ennio Morricone's admittedly iconic score, they have allowed us a glimpse at what a fully Carpenterian THING might have looked like. Some of the scenes work better than others, but it's a treat to see the isolated tracks from the album being used for their original intended purpose: underscoring Carpenter's visual mastery.

Check out the video below!

Extra Tidbit: Which segment do you think worked the best?



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