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Cool Horror Videos: Unsettling music video directed by Brandon Cronenberg

06.05.2014by: Ryan Miller

What in the actual f*ck did I just watch? Honestly, I don’t really even know but I wanted to pass it along to you guys anyway because it’s probably the weirdest thing you’re going to see today. So you're welcome.

Brandon Cronenberg, director of ANTIVIRAL, recently turned his eye towards the musical side of things as he directs the music video for the experimental techno band Animalia. The song you’re about to… experience… is entitled ‘Stifling’ and it puts the batshit crazy in batshit crazy. So if you were expecting a flowery meadow with butterflies shitting rainbows then you might want to look away.

You may not like the song or Cronenberg's particular brand of what-the-f*ckery, but we can all agree that this is one unsettling trip of a music video. Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of that? Do you feel weird now? I know I do...
Source: YouTube



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