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Cool Horror Videos: VHS nostalgia edition

11.08.2012by: Ike Oden

One of the things I miss most about VHS tapes is that they were constantly trying to get me to buy more VHS tapes. DVDs do the same thing, but it's a lot easier to ignore them with your remote's chapter skip button. VCR designs often made fast forwarding sort of a pain in the ass (I always went too far-- ALWAYS), so of course studios would frontload horror movie tapes with commercials for the latest scary flicks available at low, low prices ($19.99!).

The Paramount Home Video commercial below is one such video. While FRIDAY THE 13TH fans should appreciate an abundance of Jason action, I myself dig the eclectic selection. WHITE OF THE EYE, DR. ALIEN, SILVER BULLET, BRAIN DAMAGE-- it's a veritable 1980s Mom and Pop video store selection condensed into one cheesy ad.

Speaking of video stores (remember those?), we also have a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET video rental promo with Freddy Krueger himself (yes, Robert Englund) explaining why ordering a copy of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER will make you big bucks. Well, "you" being a person who happened to own a video rental shop in the mid-80s, as it was made exclusively for video store owners. Still, it's a real blast from the past for diehard Freddy fans.

Check 'em both out below for to relive the clunky, cardboard sleeved nostalgia you never knew was in you.

Extra Tidbit: The thumb pic is taken from a German FRIDAY THE 13TH poster. I dig it...



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