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Cool Horror Videos: 13-minute Making of the Shower Scene in Psycho!

02.13.2014by: Jake Dee

With about a month away from "Bates Motel" opening its doors for a new season, we have a mighty fine treat for y'all to check out today. But instead of the new A&E series, we're going old-school with it. Below you'll find a kick-ass 13-minute video on the making of the infamous shower scene from Hitchcock's 1960 classic PSYCHO. Not quite the gorgeous Vera Farmiga rocking sexy stockings, but still, you can never get enough of Norman and mama Bates. Know what I mean?!

Seriously, hear from many involved talk about what has become one of the most notorious scenes in film history (Janet Leigh included). How it was shot, the meticulous planning and editing involved, the difficulties of achieving the scene, the impact it's had over the years, etc.

Really cool shite!

Extra Tidbit: How old were you when you first saw PSYCHO?
Source: AITH



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