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Cool Horror Videos: Psycho and It Follows swap soundtracks

07.17.2015by: Brennan Klein

Horror movie soundtracks are extremely important. In order to get audiences in the right place to be scared, the score must pitch them perfectly into the exact mood the movie requires. What the folks at House by the Video Store have done is swap the iconic scores for IT FOLLOWS and PSYCHO for a few key scenes to see how they hold up.

It's an interesting experiment, especially considering the differences between Disasterpeace's plodding score, which implies impending doom, and Bernard Hermann's score, which belies fractured madness. More than anything it really underscores how a different score can completely change the tone of a film, not always for the better, but it's totally worth checking out. See the differences for yourself below!

Extra Tidbit: Which soundtrack do you prefer?
Source: Vimeo



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