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Cops and crooks team up in the Tower of the Dead

10.22.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Another title ready to make the rounds at the American Film Market is TOWER OF THE DEAD, a UK thriller that is in pre-production with Ross Boyask (LEFT FOR DEAD) set to helm. The flick is being billed as DIE HARD meets 28 DAYS LATER, which I suppose is a fairly irresistible pitch.

Here's the early synopsis:

A highly trained armed response team and the arms dealers they were tasked to bring down must team up to fight their way through an oncoming horde of the Undead.

Pretty much sounds like THE HORDE meets... well, just THE HORDE. Either way, could be a hoot.

The cast is listed as including Craig Fairbrass, Jason Maza, Craig Conway and Sean Pertwee, but those credits aren't final. We'll let you know if this TOWER rises or falls as soon as we hear more.



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