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Could a Trick R' Treat 2 be on the way? 'Sam' promises to return!

04.01.2011by: Jared Pacheco

Here's a blast from the past. You guys remember Michael Dougherty's little genre flick that could TRICK R' TREAT? Of course you do! Hell the majority of you out there loved the damn thing! Well if you're including in that bunch, which yours truly is, then you'll be intrigued to hear about today's update...

You see the update we've got for you today doesn't necessarily mean there's a TRICK R' TREAT 2 on the way, but one could speculate. What am I talking about? Well over at TRICK R' TREAT's official Twitter page the following 'tweet' just popped up:

Sam WILL return...

See what I mean. Is it a sequel? Perhaps something else? The possibilities are truly endless. But one thing's for sure... As soon as we hear more on this return of 'Sam' you can bet we're going to tell you about it!

TRICK R' TREAT's Leslie Bibb
Extra Tidbit: If not in a film sequel how else would you like to see 'Sam' return?
Source: Twitter



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