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04.07.2009by: Jared Pacheco

We can never get enough HALLOWEEN 2 updates here at AITH. Well we can... but it's our sworn duty to report to all of you with every new ripple in production. And today's no different.

Today we've got two, count em two new videos for you all concerning HALLOWEEN 2. The first comes from the guys over at IGN who were nice enough to share with us an interview they conducted with HALLOWEEN 2 star Scout Taylor-Compton. The interview was part of IGN's visit to the H2 set and you can go ahead and scope that out below. Now before all this HALLOWEEN 2 hooplah I could care less about Scout Taylor-Compton. I didn't have an opinion about her other than she was cute. Now she does seem to be coming off as a tad bit... annoying. You know what I mean? But alas I'll give the girl a shot and see what she does in HALLOWEEN 2, since the film is more about her character this go-around.

The second video comes from MySpace of course. But alas, not Mr. Rob Zombie's. This new video comes from Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures' MySpace. It's for their latest video 'Red Neck Vixen From Outer Space.' Alright... You can go ahead and check that out for yourself below.

And in another piece of minor H2 news... Our very own Jimmy-O noticed that Scout Taylor-Compton updated her MySpace today with "Scouty Do I "smell" a trailer???? goodnight" Oh Scout... what a tease. What does it mean? I'm going to go ahead and assume the word 'smell' has a big meaning too it... but what? Time will tell I suppose. Keep it here for all HALLOWEEN 2 updates as we hear them!

Red Neck Vixen From Outer Space video

Danielle Harris loves her milk...

Extra Tidbit: Does anybody really care about HALLOWEEN 2 MySpace updates anymore?
Source: IGNMySpace



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