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Craig Robinson and Adam Scott to star in Ghosted, a comedic X-Files

08.31.2016by: Cody Hamman

Craig Robinson

Fox has ordered a pilot for Ghosted, a single camera supernatural comedy that isn't officially connected to the network's classic series The X-Files, but which is being described as a comedic X-Files.

THIS IS THE END's Craig Robinson and Adam Scott of PIRANHA 3D will star in and executive produce the show, which was created by screenwriter Tom Gormican. 

Ghosted follows a cynical, hilarious skeptic, Leroy Wright (Robinson), and a genius “true believer” in the paranormal, Max Allison (Scott), who are hired by the Underground Investigative Service to look into the rampant “unexplained” activity in Los Angeles — all while uncovering a larger mystery that could threaten the existence of the human race.

A pilot doesn't mean that Ghosted will be going to series, or even that the pilot will ever reach the air, but as a fan of both Robinson and Scott I would gladly tune in to see them deal with supernatural and otherworldly forces.

Piranha 3D Adam Scott


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Source: Variety



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