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02.20.2006by: JoBlo

Thanks to everyone who entered. This contest is now closed. Stay tuned to the site later this week for the "JoBlo.com pick", as well as some runners-up. Lots of cool shit to pick from...

We recently posted the official STAY ALIVE one-sheet on our website (see HERE), but Walt Disney has decided that they would like to have a 2nd un-official one-sheet as created by a regular FAN like you and me. With that in mind, they have asked 5 specific websites, including JoBlo.com/Arrow in the Head, to ask their members to create their very own version of a STAY ALIVE poster, with the aid of some of the graphics which they provide for you HERE -- you don't have to use the graphics if you don't want to, they're just there to help you out.

For "inspiration", you can also check out the film's OFFICIAL SITE, which features its trailer as well.

All entries need to be sent to <removed> by February 28th (only ONE ENTRY PER PERSON allowed and nothing over 2MB, please), at which point, we will choose the BEST of the bunch from our site and send it over to Disney, at which point, they will sit down with the filmmakers and choose the best poster from the participating websites. What will the winners receive? Ten (10) HORROR DVDs from the BHVE library, a signed STAY ALIVE poster and, of course, your poster plastered all over the participating websites.

Your submission will be judged based on creativity, originality and the emotional intensity of the artwork. There are no rules other than it follow the standard one-sheet structure and communicate the idea that "You die in the game. You die for real."




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