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Creepy clip from February, starring Kiernan Shipka and Emma Roberts

09.08.2015by: Eric Walkuski

I don't really know what to make of this clip from FEBRUARY, although I do know it's rather creepy and disorienting. That said, this film - which is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival this week - is most certainly now on our radars. Doesn't hurt that it was produced by THE STRANGERS director Bryan Bertino.

Here's the compellingly odd synopsis for the Osgood Perkins-directed film, which stars Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, James Remar, Lauren Holly and Emma Roberts:

In FEBRUARY, beautiful and haunted Joan makes a bloody and determined pilgrimage across a frozen landscape toward a prestigious all girls prep school, where Rose and Kat find themselves stranded after their parents mysteriously fail to retrieve them for winter break.  As Joan gets closer, terrifying visions begin plaguing Kat, while Rose watches in horror as she becomes possessed by an unseen evil force.

More on FEBRUARY as we hear it...




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