Roth's CryptTV, Bay's 451 Media team on social media killer short

CryptTV Eli ROth Michael Bay Jericho

Eli Roth's CryptTV, the company that has been pushing short form horror content across a wide variety of online platforms, is teaming with Michael Bay's 451 Media for a short film in a pairing that will instantly make a lot of fans nervous, though they're working on a fun idea.

Based on the feature length script JERICHO HILL by Thomas Fenton (SAW IV), the short will follow:

serial killer brothers who become social media stars, and respond to internet trolls by terrorizing a couple and invading their home.

This kind of story has been attempted many times, but has never been totally successful in spite of its great potential, so as always I hope this one goes well. 

Says Eli Roth:

Crypt has been able to not only get our stories and characters directly to our massive horror audience, but we truly understand in real time exactly who they are and how they enjoy horror. This partnership is what we believe in, combining digital technology with great storytelling and we can’t wait to bring this exciting new project to life with 451 and bring it to Crypt fans.

Extra Tidbit: Does this short film project interest you at all?
Source: Variety



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